Truth or Fiction?

Fiction: having 50% custody of your child or children means you do not have to pay child support
TRUTH: The Pennsylvania Child Support Guidelines give a very good indication of what a person will have to pay for support,
HOWEVER, the courts may deviate from the suggested guidelines for various reasons. All support orders are determined on a case by case basis.
Fiction: quitting your job means you don’t have to pay child support
TRUTH: a voluntary reduction in income (quitting or deliberately getting fired) will not result in reduction or elimination of a child support order. The court will impute your previous income to you based on your history of earnings.
Fiction: my friend (aunt, brother, cousin, uncle, sister, boss) got 60% in his/her divorce settlement and full custody of his/her kids so I should be able to get the same
TRUTH: Every case is different and the court will make decisions on a number of factors that may or may not be present. It is never safe to bet that what happened in another person’s case will also happen in yours – good or bad.
Fiction: Grandparents have a right to custody and/or visitation with their grandchildren
TRUTH: Pennsylvania law provides for grandparent custody rights under a specific statute. Certain criteria must be met before a grandparent may seek to obtain custody or visitation.
Fiction: I don’t have to follow a custody or support order if I don’t want to.
TRUTH: Failure to follow a custody order could result in loss of custody or reduction of custodial time. Failure to follow a
support order can result in suspension of professional licenses, driver’s licenses as well as a judgment against you. Failure
to comply with any court order could result in incarceration.